Glutathione 500mg/infusion

- Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that our body produces and is found in basically every cell in our body that protects the body from damage and reduce oxidative stress

- Being a very important antioxidant that works within our liver cells for example, glutathione neutralise free radicals and helps the body combat oxidative stress. Alcohol severely depletes glutathione levels in the body leaving you tired and stressed. 

- Take this point for example, alcohol itself isn’t actually all that toxic, but one of its metabolites, acetaldehyde, may be the real cause of your hangovers. Your body attempts to combat this metabolite by releasing an enzyme and glutathione. But you only have so much. Studies have shown that acute alcohol intoxication reduces levels of glutathione and therefore the ability to combat the effects. (9)(10)

- So there you go, this powerful antioxidant may help alleviate the nasty after effects from alcohol and other substances to possibly help you return to your normal self sooner